Black & Decker CJ625 30-Watt Juicer Review

If you are one of those people who regularly incorporate fruits in your diet, well the right juicer is the right for you. Black and Decker CJ625 is the cheapest model available in the market that will extract your fruit juices in a zap. This juicer is very simple and very basic to use that will fit at your budget. It is very inexpensive and very sturdy, and this is the best price on juicers to those people who want to have a great juicing experience inexpensively.

Here are the Specifications of theĀ Black & Decker CJ625:

This juicer has an average price of $19, and its measurements are 7.7 by 7.7 by 9.4 inches. It is automatically automated; with white as only color available, assembly is not required in this product; it has a shipping weight of 4 pounds. This product offers a one year limited warranty also.

What made this juicer so amazing is that this has enough room to produce a family-sized juice serving with a 34-ounce capacity. It produces ample amount of juice out of the fruits that you extract with its 30-watt motor inside and a reversing extraction. It consists of a reamer, which is responsible for the juice extraction, consisting of a low disc with a tipped cone. This juicer consists of two cones: the smaller, for smaller fruit juicing such as limes and lemons; the larger is for larger fruits such as oranges and grapefruits.

This is how to simply start your juicing. This machine produces fresh fruit juices from start. It is recommended that you use fresh fruits because these are more nutritious and healthier. With this juicer, you would not frequent the store and buy some ready-made juice in the market that consists of harmful preservatives. You could get 2 full servings of fruit juice with only 8 ounces of glasses used. By incorporating fruits in your diet, you could get rid of the sickness and the juice provides you the enough Vitamin C that you need to fight. It gives you the enough fiber that your body needs and you can automatically produce homemade fruit juices in just few steps and easy to operate machine.

This machine is very easy to use. You need not exert much effort to do the operation compared to other manually operated juicers. The machine also has an adjustable pulp knob that will control how much pulp you would want in your juice. It will only give less mess because of the juices that flows directly to the pitcher. And because of its automatic reversing reamer will help you achieve more fruit juices. The pitcher serves as storage for future use.
This machine is also easy to clean and dishwasher safe. The parts of this machine are plastic can be easily removed. For a cheap price, this juicer has a better quality. It has a lid making storage easier.

This machine is very compact. You can easily store this juicer when not in use. It only takes a few space on the countertop or in cabinet. This is a sturdy juicer can hold up even for daily usage.

To sum it all up, this machine is an inexpensive juicer that will fit for those consumers who want to produce healthy fruit juices at a reasonable price.

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