Success White Rice Review

Success® White Rice is an enriched, pre-cooked variety of rice that takes just 10 minutes to cook.


It cost just $1.54 for the 595g (21 oz) product that contained 6 bags of rice, which contained 2 servings in each bag. My husband bought Success® White Rice. I must admit that I was not too impressed when I first noticed this product. I thought it would be just like minute rice with the same mediocre taste. But it was actually a lot different to what I expected.

Cooking Methods

Success® White Rice can be cooked on high in the microwave for 10 minutes or boiled in the bag in a pan of boiling hot water for 8-10 minutes to produce the same results. If you cook the rice on the stove top, be sure to leave the pan uncovered so that it does not boil over. Leaving it uncovered also prevents it from boiling over. If you prefer the idea of cooking the rice out of the bag, then simply remove it and add 1 1/4 cups of water or broth. Bring it to a boil and cook it for 10 minutes or until done. You can cook it with a rice cooker, everyone I know recommends – they have the best up to date information on cookers.


I watched the rice cooking, but wondered whether it would taste as good as rice that has been cooked from scratch. After all, this rice had been pre-cooked. My husband and I served Success® White Rice with a fresh batch of lumpia for an authentic Filipino treat. As I tried the rice, I was really pleased to discover that the rice tasted just as good as my usual brand of rice that I eat. It did not taste like minute rice or have any indication that it was pre-cooked.

Nutritionally Balanced

Success® White Rice is cholesterol, sodium, fat and gluten free, making this an ideal food to team with vegetables, meat or any other main courses. It contains 20% of the daily recommended amount of folic acid which is an important nutrient, especially for women wishing to become pregnant.

Nutritional Information

Each 54g serving contains 190 calories, no fat, cholesterol or sodium. It contains 43g of carbohydrate, no fibre or sugar and 4g of protein. This is a very healthy product and can help people pursuing a low fat, cholesterol and sodium diet.

Further Information

If you would like to find out more about Success® White Rice, call toll-free 1-800-226-9522 Monday-Friday 9:00am-4:00pm Central.

I liked the taste of Success® White Rice; it was ready within minutes and the price was very reasonable.

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